I’m not going to lie, I had to significantly cut my time on social media over the last week.

I love seeing recaps and hearing about the positive moves people have made, and I understand that everyone has their own individual experiences and it’s their own right to share it.

Peter Drucker once said ‘the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer’
And when you think about it, it really is that simple…

I’ll be honest — I think business owners are biologically wired to create more problems to solve.

We find discomfort in stillness.

We are…

CREDIT: @ronnaldong

One of the most common things I hear business owners talk about is hitting X number of revenue within Y amount of time.

Now, I’m not discounting goal setting itself — it’s incredibly important to create a North Star to orientate towards.

Without this we breed complacency and simply operate…

Credit: Jack Wolf

I’ve always respected the deep seeded belief in having enough…

No matter where they’re at — they can create and cultivate their opportunities.

It doesn’t matter if they have $500 in their account,





…or the equivalent in the red.

They back themselves to emerge victorious.


Zac Daunt

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